Game Designer
Barcelona, Spain
Live and breath
mobile games
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Get work.
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Finding steady work shouldn’t be a challenge.
Join the Video Game talent community where verified
opportunities await.
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Game Designer
Barcelona, Spain
Live and breath
mobile games
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Gaming is a truly unique and visual industry. TheXPlace gives you a simple yet powerful tool to superpower your portfolio, highlight your work, and show a little of that personality. Your accomplishments, game credits, skills, services, media coverage — it’s all there — and, it’ll get you hired.
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Frequently Asked Questions

TheXPlace portfolio is the ultimate tool for showcasing your talents in the Video Games industry:
- Intuitive taxonomy makes it easy to tag your work with relevant skills, tools, and genres, helping you stand out to potential hirers.
- With insights into what hiring Production teams are looking for, our tool guides you on presenting your meaningful contributions effectively.
- Guiding questions prompt you to include videos that highlight your communication skills and personality, bringing you and your work to life.
TheXPlace Portfolio gives hirers in the Video Games the tools to easily discover you and a comprehensive understanding of your abilities and personality, leading to quicker assessments and higher success rates in landing jobs!

On TheXPlace, you can find a wide range of job opportunities, to fit your career goals, preferences, and needs:
- Explore opportunities from AAA studios to thriving Indie Game Makers
- Choose from full-time, part-time, project-based, fractional, and internships
- Use our search filters to find remote, hybrid or in-office opportunities tailored to your preferred working hours and where you are eligible to work.

Events on TheXPlace are a great way to bring our community together safely. All you need to do is complete your basic profile on TheXPlace, and breeze through ID verification. And because all attendees are already verified, this is a safe space for all participants.

Many existing systems for Video Games talent recruitment, such as job-recruitment sites, freelance platforms, and social networks - are rife with fake identities, false claims of accomplishments, misrepresentation of opportunities, plagiarism and scams -- that’s because there is no validation and oversight.
These deceptions waste considerable time and money (for both sides!).
At TheXPlace, we vet every professional and every company – so you don’t have to!
Our vetting process not only validates members’ identities but also uses supporting data to validate the authenticity of our members, their experience and credentials.
Ready to join our trusted community?

TheXPlace’s goal is to ensure a smooth experience for payments and transfers for all our professionals across the globe. Professionals are compensated in U.S. dollars through an intermediary platform which provides extremely fast and smooth payouts.
This platform also allows you to withdraw your payments through many supported payment options including bank transfer to your local bank, TransferWise/Wise, Payoneer, etc.
Got more questions? support@thexplace.ai

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